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Welcome to Dr. Engin Erkal's Otorhinolaryngology
(Ear, Nose And Throat) Clinic!

Dr. Erkal opened his private practice in Antalya in 2017. He has been practicing otorhinolaryngology in this clinic ever since.

Our clinic has focused exclusively on rhinology from the very beginning. Believing that success can be achieved with maximum specification in a subject area, Dr. Erkal follows the scientific updates in this field and only performs esthetic and functional rhinoplasty surgeries. In our clinic, medical esthetic procedures such as botox, fillers, skin care, epilation are not performed.

Why Should You Choose Us?

  • Focus Point

    Dr. Engin Erkal's clinic focuses only on nose surgeries. This is our sole focus and expertise.

  • Experience

    Dr. Engin Erkal is an ear, nose and throat specialist and he is very experienced in functional nose surgeries as well as esthetic nose surgeries.

  • Fast and Painless

    Dr. Engin Erkal prefers the closed and tissue preservative technique in his surgeries. In this technique, there is no incision under the nose and no scars are left, as in open surgeries. In addition, because less damage is done to the tissues, the healing process is faster and painless.

Patient Guide

Rhinoplasty Surgery Process

  • When Does the Surgery Process Begin and End?
  • Rhinoplasty surgery process begins when the patient contacts the doctor for the first time. However, it is almost impossible to say when exactly it would end. Even though in most cases full recovery is reached within a year, this doesn’t mean that surgery process ends.

    As people get older, their faces also change constantly. Due to its position in the center of our face and being visible all the time, a small change in our nose would be noticed very easily by everybody around us. For this reason, it can be said that rhinoplasty surgery process and patient doctor relationship have no end.

    As both the patient and the doctor, we shouldn’t disregard the length of this process when we make our choices.

Recommendations for Our Patients

  • • At least 3 days before the surgery, it is recommended to stop drinking alcohol.

  • • At least one week before the surgery, using blood thinning drugs such as Aspirin should be stopped. Paracetamol (Parol, Minoset etc.) should be preffered as pain killer.

  • • Since herbal teas have blood thinning effects, it is recommended to stop drinking them at least one week before surgery. You can continue drinking black tea and coffee.

  • • It is recommended not to smoke for one week before the surgery and two weeks after the surgery in order to make the healing process faster.

  • • Eating and drinking including water must be completely stopped 8 hours before the surgery.

  • • Skin care is recommended for the patients especially with the oily skin before the surgery.