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Revision Rhinoplasty

Esthetic nose surgery performed on patients who have had one or more nose surgeries before and are not satisfied with the result is called revision rhinoplasty.

In general, these surgeries are more difficult than the first surgeries. Because you are dealing with a modified and damaged nasal skeleton and a skin adapted to it. Therefore, surprises may be encountered during the surgery. During nose surgeries, creating the anatomy closest to natural structure is tried to be achieved. For this reason, some tissues, especially cartilage tissue, may be needed. In the first surgeries, this cartilage reserve is located in the middle structure of the nose called the "septum". However, in revision surgeries, the cartilage tissue here is often not enough.

In this case, cartilage tissues taken from the patient's own rib or ear may be used to fulfill the need for cartilage. Also, recently, ready-made cartilages obtained from tissue banks are available in the market and are offered to patients as an option.