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Recommendations for Our Patients

Before the Surgery

  • • At least 3 days before the surgery, it is recommended to stop drinking alcohol.

  • • At least one week before the surgery, using blood thinning drugs such as Aspirin should be stopped. Paracetamol (Parol, Minoset etc.) should be preffered as pain killer.

  • • Since herbal teas have blood thinning effects, it is recommended to stop drinking them at least one week before surgery. You can continue drinking black tea and coffee.

  • • It is recommended not to smoke for one week before the surgery and two weeks after the surgery in order to make the healing process faster.

  • • Eating and drinking including water must be completely stopped 8 hours before the surgery.

  • • Skin care is recommended for the patients especially with the oily skin before the surgery.

Surgery Day

  • • It is recommended to take a warm shower and wash your face using an antibacterial soap in the morning of the surgery.

  • • It is recommended not to wear make up on the day of the surgery.

  • • Metal jewelry (rings, earrings, piercings etc.) should not be worn on the day of the surgery.

  • • For the primary surgeries, the duration is 2 to 2.5 hours. For the revision surgeries, the duration is 3 to 3.5 hours. However, the surgery length can vary from case to case.

  • • We will keep you in the hospital for the first night after the surgery.

  • • During the first hours, due to anesthesia you may have nausea and feel some pain due to surgical intervention. However, we will make sure that you will spend this first evening comfortably and safely by administering medications through your arm.

  • • In addition, the cold compress applied during the first night will be useful for bruises.

After the Surgery

  • • We don’t request a special diet for our patients after the surgery. However, it will be more comfortable for you to eat softer food.

  • • It is recommended to avoid herbal teas during the first 10 days after the surgery due to their blood thinning effects.

  • • You can take a shower but it is recommended not to wet the plaster in your nose.

  • • Please be careful not to put your head in the forward position after the surgery. This position increases the risk of edema. Therefore, especially for the first 3 days lying down with the head in the upright position is recommended.

  • • During the first days after the surgery, there may be some bleeding in your nose in the form of a light pink fluid or some light blood leakage. However, if there is persistent red colored excessive bleeding, please inform your doctor.

  • • After the surgery, the movements that might increase blood pressure should be avoided.

  • • After the surgery, you should only take the medications provided by your doctor. If you need to take any other kind of medication, please inform your doctor.

  • • It is not recommended to wear glasses for 3 months after the surgery.

  • • Bone union and cartilage recovery are active and rapid during the first month after the surgery, so traumas should be avoided.

  • • After the surgery, a medication with antihistaminic effect preventing sneezing should be taken. If sneezing continues or increases despite the medication, please inform your doctor.