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Closed Rhinoplasty

Due to being in the middle of the face, nose is one of the most attention getting areas of the face. Crooked, asymmetrical, droopy, excessively lifted etc. noses can cause loss of self-confidence for most people. In these cases, a desired nose is designed based on the patient's wishes and the doctor's recommendations. The procedure of changing the cartilage and bone structures of the nose and reshaping the nose based on this design is called rhinoplasty.

Dr. Engin Erkal prefers closed and tissue preservative technique rhinoplasty while reshaping the nose. Because with this technique, the nasal skeleton can be reshaped with less damage to the nasal anatomy and tissues. Also, there is no scar in the lower-middle part of the nose (columella). In addition, thanks to the closed technique patients experience less bruising and swelling after the surgery, and the recovery process of the patients is faster.