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Why Only Rhinoplasty Surgery?

In my opinion, one of the key aspects of success in all occupations and scientific subject areas is specification on one area.

Especially, if we are talking about rhinoplasty surgery what is considered to be the most difficult and sophisticated surgery among all the plastic surgeries, I believe considering it like an ordinary surgery wouldn’t be right.

At one point of my medical practice, I realized that I needed to make a choice between either focusing on all areas of my field of study or choosing one area and focusing on it entirely. I chose the second option and decided to focus on rhinology. I started to read books and participating conferences and seminars about this topic. As I started to work in a private hospital, it made it easier to focus on the area I was most interested. 

In time as I get more experienced in these type of surgeries, I realized that being successful in this type of surgery was not as easy as I thought.

I believe making people who have different nose types, health problems, different skin types and different types of personalities and desires both esthetically and functionally happy is a job that require both responsibility and sobriety. I believe having both the manual and eyesight skills wouldn’t be enough. It is also very important to establish a doctor-patient relationship based on strong foundations. I believe longlasting doctor-patient relationship starts on the day of the surgery.

You must have seen examples around you, when multiple plastic surgeries are conducted at the same time by the same surgeon, it is always the rhinoplasty surgeries that get the worst results. I believe that rhinoplasty surgery that consists of multiple complicated steps is not a type of a surgery that can be combined with other surgeries. Therefore, in my own clinic I prefer not to perform any other surgery or beauty operations such as fillers, botox, fat injection etc. combined with the rhinoplasty surgery.

In addition, I believe that doing multiple surgeries in one day decreases the success rate of the surgeries, especially the ones that are conducted at the end of the day. For this reason, I only conduct maximum two surgeries in one day.

Even though at the beginning it sounded very risky to focus my medical career on only one area, I believe every day more how it was the right decision.

As I said at the beginning of my medical career, “Isn’t everything for making the best nose ?”