When Does the Surgery Process Begin and End?

Rhinoplasty surgery process begins when the patient contacts the doctor for the first time. However, it is almost impossible to say when exactly it would end. Even though in most cases full recovery is reached within a year, this doesn’t mean that surgery process ends. As people get older, their faces also change constantly. Due to its position in the center of our face and being visible all the time, a small change in our nose would be noticed very easily by everybody around us. For this reason, it can be said that rhinoplasty surgery process and patient doctor relationship have no end. As both the patient and the doctor, we shouldn’t disregard the length of this process when we make our choices.

First Meeting and Consultation

Lately, most of our patients reach us through digital settings (e-mail, social media etc.) This is the easiest and most practical way especially for our international patients to reach us. We generally try to do an online consultation with these patients before they arrive our clinic in Turkey.

When they arrive Turkey, we bring them into our clinic for their first face-to-face consultation. Usually the first meeting starts with listening to the patient’s questions and expectations. Next, we talk about the nose surgeries or procedures the patient has had previously. I take detailed notes down about any previous traumas, surgeries or medical esthetic procedures. After that, I examine the patient’s nose. I like to start with the patient’s skin. Nose skin type is mostly different for every person. Every anatomic section of the nose (dorsum, tip, alas etc.) needs to be evaluated according to its color, thickness, fat content, hardness and softness. After that, inside structure of the nose is examined. Generally, I request computed tomography for patients who have functional problems. This way, I can evaluate the anatomic structure better and if there is any additional surgical procedure (sinus surgery etc.) is necessary, I can perform them within the same session myself.

Photo Simulation

During the consultation, I take professional photos of the every patient’s nose and create a photo simulation for them. I prefer making these simulations, because this way I can show the patient the limits of the possible changes that can be achieved with my methods and at the same time I get some information about the patient’s view about beauty. However, it shouldn’t be forgotten that it is just a simulation and the actual result of the surgery may not be hundred percent same as this simulation.

Hospital Choice

I believe hospital choice is as important as the doctor choice. I always preferred a full-fledged hospital for my surgeries. For me, having a full anesthesia team and a successful surgery staff is very essential. In addition, the hospital needs to have comprehensive doctor staff and full enough physical infrastructure such as intensive care units. Our patients needs to stay at the hospital for one night, therefore I prefer a big enough and full-fledged hospital such as Antalya Memorial Hospital for my surgeries.